February 6, 2018

The manual is sealed in a plastic sleeve, so already I’m forced to use a tool. I’ll need more than my OXO Good Grips scissors now that I’m co-owner of a ride-on mower. Ride-on mowers are for people who own sheds with cans of different oils and a workbench with a vice....

December 16, 2017

I did one of those work personality tests once, and it said I was 'Results oriented'. It's true. I have no problem setting goals and getting them done. Which is good. Mostly. The downside is that I become a bit like the bear who went over the mountain to see what he co...

December 15, 2017

(Painting by Geoffrey Notman)

I took a year off in 2015 to complete my Masters in Creative Writing. It was a terrific year, but while my manuscript earned me an A, it will never see the light of day. (Maybe in a different form.)

And then I took most of 2016 to write anot...

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