Celebrate! (Good times. Come on.)

I did one of those work personality tests once, and it said I was 'Results oriented'. It's true. I have no problem setting goals and getting them done. Which is good. Mostly. The downside is that I become a bit like the bear who went over the mountain to see what he could see. What he saw was another mountain, so he went over that one, too (repeat until someone takes to you with a machete). I hardly ever acknowledge what I've achieved because all I can see is the next goal/mountain.

So it's super helpful, and super nice, when someone else reminds me to celebrate. The above bottle of Moët arrived on my doorstep on Friday. It's from the team at my publisher, to say congratulations on the upcoming release of my new novel, Gabriel's Bay (out Jan 2nd, save those Christmas book vouchers).

A huge thank you to Harriet, Rebecca, Anna, Margaret and Barbara for helping me over the mountain. Thanks to Kool and the Gang (come on). And well done me. (Ugh, that was hard.)

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and have a stonkingly good New Year.

PS: do you think the Penguin looks worried?

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My New Book!
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