New book blessed by John Campbell

What You Wish For: a Gabriel's Bay story will be released on January 8th, just in time for summer reading and spending those Christmas book vouchers, which, as everyone knows, are the best present ever.

This is the cover, with some very nice words from the marvellous John Campbell, who was described by one publisher as "pretty much the patron saint of New Zealand literature".

John's words in full are: "Catherine Robertson is a wonderful tour guide. It's as if we're somehow peeking, unobserved, into the lives that populate Gabriel's Bay. There's a lovely affection in her knowing. And as we watch and listen, her lightness of touch invites us ever further in. Technically assured and utterly warm hearted, this book makes us not so much readers as neighbours."

If we both weren't married to other people, I would totally propose.

My New Book!
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