The Hiding Places



Nelson Public Libraries Award for NZ Fiction 2015

News, events, maybe cats

Here’s what the reviewers said:

"The writing is assured and insistent, but also surprising and shrewd, often funny…the plot is cleverly manipulated.” 


“Exceptionally well written and very charming.” 

The NZ Listener

“A beguiling story of grief overcome.”

Stephanie Jones

About the book

When April Turner’s small son is killed by a car, she decides she is no longer entitled to anything but the barest of lives. Five years on, she has shed everything and everyone she loves, and expects to be this way forever. Then a letter arrives from an English solicitor, informing April that she is the last surviving heir to Empyrean, a long-abandoned country house.

At first, April resists. But with the letter comes a map full of tiny mysteries, and she is drawn all the way from New Zealand to the English countryside, and into a small but intriguing circle of people: musician Oran who remains loyal to his faithless wife, Jack, who lives wild in the woods with his dog, and Sunny, Lady Day, approaching ninety but more vital than others half her age, who knew Empyrean in its prime.

Sunny’s stories bring the past to life, but will April be prepared to give up her principles and start coming alive again herself?

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