What You Wish For: A Gabriel's Bay Story


"Catherine Robertson is a wonderful tour guide. It's as if we're somehow peeking, unobserved, into the lives that populate Gabriel's Bay. There's a lovely affection in her knowing. And as we watch and listen, her lightness of touch invites us ever further in. Technically assured and utterly warm hearted, this book makes us not so much readers as neighbours."  John Campbell

News, events, maybe cats

About the book

"The writing pretends to be laid-back, but it’s deeply accomplished and shot through with humour and emotional intelligence. There’s a sense that you’re in clever, safe hands. That the next page will be just as tight and funny as the last one." Catherine Woulfe, NZ LISTENER

Dr Ashwin Ghadavi, the newly imported GP, is trying hard to fit into Gabriel's Bay. His challenges include the immoveable force of his office manager, Mac, the ambiguities of the Kiwi idiom, and his unrequited attraction to Mac's daughter, Emma.

Having returned home, Emma is determined to help her old friend, Devon, whether he wants it or not. She's also on a mission to right eco-wrongs, and her targets include local farmer Vic Halsworth, who's already neck deep in the proverbial and, to make matters worse, seems to be having visions of moose.

Add in a former jailbird, a Norwegian recluse, and a woman struggling to foster a child, and you have the usual endearing and down-to-earth mix that can only occur in Gabriel's Bay.

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